Sharing knowledge and skills with others is something that I truly enjoy!

I have divided the types of workshops I offer into two categories: Creative Development and Creative Thinking. The latter is aimed more towards the tools I use during Live Drawing sessions, while Creative Development is more about expanding your creative inner self. 


creative thinking 

These workshops are specialised in live drawing techniques such as: Introduction to Live Drawing and Visualisation Workshop. 

What does your team learn?

  • How to simplify information, 
  • How to draw in an easy way,
  • To explain the key concepts of a story,
  • To get out of your comfort zone. 

These workshops are a great way to find solutions to problems, promote interaction,  temporarily dissolve hierarchy's (your position in the team does not reflect on your drawing skills) and support team building activities. 

Interested to know how it could be useful for your company? 



Creative development 

Drawing or painting is only one way of being creative. Sadly it is one of the forms of creativity that does not get explored much when we become adults. 

But drawing is actually a great way to relief stress and get your mind working in other ways!

Are you an individual looking for creative workshops? Together with fellow illustrator Angela Prevosti, we have set up Paper & Brush Studio where you can come and learn various illustration techniques (watercolour, gouache, ink, etc). 

Are you a company? Get in touch and we can create a custom made creative workshop for you.