Live drawing

Visualising information makes it easy to explain, understand and remember.


When & Why do you use live drawing?

Live drawing can work for various types of events. From brainstorm sessions to workshops and presentations. It is a flexible tool that can be adapted to the needs of the client. Some examples:

  • New product/idea brainstorm sessions,
  • Team building workshops,
  • Pitching sessions, 
  • Visual summary during presentations. 


Live Drawing Sessions: What is possible?

  • Live drawing on location. 
  • Digital output from drawings. 
  • Facilitation during brainstorm sessions. 
  • Visualisation workshops. 
  • A network of artists when needed for bigger events. 

What does a Live Drawing session include?

  • Materials,
  • Digital Output on any desired format,
  • Positive energy during your event! 

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