Riso Experiments - Black Jaguar


I’ve been noticing that most people who come to print with the RISO choose certain “safe” options of colour combinations, those being mainly blue & pink and pink & yellow. And I totally understand this choice, as the fluorescent pink is just to die for and the combination with other colours make vibrant results, and its quite eye-catching.

As to set myself a challenge, I’ve decided to make a few print using the less exciting combinations. Green & blue; black & green, green& yellow etc. I hope to show the possibilities of creating interesting prints using these colours. Since I saw once a print mainly done in greens and blue probably, and it was magical! Sadly I didn’t save this image, so i’ll need to recreate that feeling myself ;)

First try out: Black Jaguar

This illustration was done on procreate - it was a bit of a challenge since I lost a bit track of my layers with the foliage. But thankfully when exported to Photoshop I was able to clean it up a bit!

Colours used: Green, Yellow & Black.

Print set up:
Green & Yellow: Frequency 75 and Angle 45
Black: Frequency 75 and Angle 25